About Us

     Maverick Aerospace specializes in electrical engineering, certification and consultation. Providing our customers with FAA approved data for aircraft system installations and modifications.

Cockpit Avionics     Having broad experience in the general, corporate, rotary, military and transport aviation industries, both here and abroad. We are particularly well-prepared to address the needs of clients who demand top quality and safety, at a very competetive price.

     Our engineering team has the capability to conduct all aspects of your systems design requirements, as well as providing on-site support during the coordination, installation and checkout phases of the aircraft modification

Our Vision

Ourlong-term goal is to be thecompany of choice for our clients, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, and executeexcellence.

Why Maverick?

Gulfstream IV     We offer our clients superior personalized service at competetive rates accompanied with analysis, design and approval capabilities by in house DERs.
     Due to the fluctuating market in the aircraft industry many companies are finding it more cost effective to maintain a core engineering staff and supplement with outside services during peak times.     
     We provide these engineering services to small and large companies, short or long term, by the hour or by the project.      
     Our commercial and military customers rely on us to provide the most thorough and cost-effective certification and compliancy solutions for their programs.

     Maverick's FAA Designated Engineering Representatives and engineering staff develop these solutions with our clients projects and business objectives in mind

Our Mission

"We deliver reliable, high-quality services forour clients, ensuring integrity, safety, and maintainabilityarethe center of everything we do".


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